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Firstly, you've done your research on pitocin/oxytocin. Impressive work. Ever consider the medical field? Secondly, there are alternative methods of inducing birth that I'm sure you read about but couldn't write about on the blog.... perhaps less criminal than the baby-borrowing. Thirdly, who borrows babies?!!? I know we're from SC and all, but really, that's a little TOO communal for my taste. And fourthly, pitocin is used very frequently, and no one has ever mentioned any deleterious side effects (at least not during my education). So if the baby-borrowing doesn't work out, then maybe you can just stick with the good old-fashioned? way of drug-inducement.
And way to go with the anesthesia for labor. I've been on the delivering side of it (err, wait, not the BABY delivering side, the DRUG delivering side!) and I think it's the way to go.
Happy pushing... hopefully you have a baby and not a watermelon, and hopefully no nostrils are involved!


Where do I begin? This post is rife with possibility.

First of all, Fawn Furflower? eew.

Borrowing a baby for suckling? eew.

Nipple stimulation? Been there, done that. With BOTH. I heard that a washcloth in a bathtub was a good way to go about it, and you'dve thought I'd rubbed callouses onto both of mine I was so eager to get those girls out! Didn't work.

Also, I'm not afraid to mention it on the blog (although, I've been married for six years, and I'm boring now) -- I don't think sex really does much in the baby-coming-out-process. Also tried it. With both. I don't want to be shocking, but, while it can be fun, but it didn't result in labor for me.

Castor oil REALLY worked with Bella. Although it sent me into prodromal labor for a week, and then, when I dosed myself again, a week later, sent me into transition immediately. IMAGINE 12 hours of transition. Well, you saw it. And when you feel it, you'll know why I wouldn't wish it on my enemies.

You know what worked for Fia? (and she came 10 days early)...hard labor. Phsyical labor. I kid you not. I finished work at the church on Friday, came home in the afternoon and did EVERYthing we hadn't done to prep for baby Sofia in about 7 hours. I'm talking setting up her bassinet, cleaning the entire house (nesting instinct, it can be overwhelming), scrubbing the entire house, getting all her stuff out (well, her sister's old stuff, who are we kidding), and basically FINALLY having everything ready for her. And, 12am rolled around, I got up to go pee (because we ALL know, that's your favorite activity when yo'ure almost 10 months pregnant), and POP, I HEARD the water break. Shuuuush, all over the carpet. Wow. And then I started laboring almost immediately. I highly recommend labor (physical) over any other activity to get the body prepped for the baby.


Oh yeah -- and I HIGHLY recommend super-sizing the anti-pain meds in delivery. I don't get the whole 'natural' thing. I wouldn't even want a measly tooth pulled without anesthesia. But I'm wimpy that way.

Mother Jackson

I'm with you all on the pain meds! I am amazed that I ever went along with the "natural" birth with three of my children...why suffer for no good reason? I didn't consider it an option to do it any other way...I was so brainwashed! It's kind of macho - like biting a bullet while they remove a slug from a gunslinger. At least they got a shot of whiskey, though. I think many woman considered it a badge of honor or a rite of passage to do "natural". If I had to do it over, I'd take a med to a badge any day.

That cracked me up about the "borrowing a baby to suckle" method of induced labor. As you know, I lived a much more "natural" (wierd) lifestyle waaaay back in my past; and yes, some moms routinely did the nipple swapping thing, little Summer-sparrow would latch onto little Dirtface's mummys nipple and everyone was happy. Yes, one of my children was the recipient of these swaps (but only a couple of times, if that makes it any better). It was all peace/love my kid,/your kid/we are all together, ump-umpa-doo.

There was also the placenta ritual (after baby was born of course).. the placenta (not the baby) was boiled in a pot with water, vegies, herbs and spices for a few hours then served up smothered in onions, fava beans on the side and a nice glass of chianti, yummm!--- I know double eeeeewww, ( For my childrens' peace of mind, I never went that far, but really knew people who did.)


Oh. Dear. Lord.

Did my mother just tell the internet that I sucked some other chicks milk out? Even I didn't know the level of gross she was capable of in her hippie days.

And just for the record -- only a couple of times does. not. make. it. better.

I'm so grossed out.


Also, am I Dirtface?


I'm totally grossed out too. And, by the way, fava beans can actually lead to aplastic anemia in people who are G6PD deficient. Although that sentence might not make sense to anyone else, it's what I've been studying for the past week. Translation: in people born with a certain genetic defect (lack of an enzyme), fava beans can basically kill their bone marrow, so they cannot produce red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. Read: bad news.
Glad that neither the placenta nor the fava beans ever made it onto your table :).


There is historical precident for a baby suckling another woman (e.g. wet nurses and nobles0, but even in modern society it seems...odd.


I was tempted once to nurse someone else's baby I was babysitting who was screaming thier head off and was super hungry. I was only tempted though because that is just not alright to do something like that. I would have done it though for someone in the old days if it meant saving thier babies life or something.

On inducing labor, sometimes all the doc has to do is break your water and it works. It did for me with Shelby, although they sped it up a little with with it. Madi was an inducement too, and I didn't need it with her either. They used Cervidil a cervix softener. They put this patch on your cervix and it softens and prepares it for labor. I don't think mine needed softening apparently because it worked crazy fast, which is not the usual reaction. It usually takes 12 hours to have any effect. I guess they don't always opt to break the water for some reason. You can be induced other ways if you aren't comfortable with pitocin right off the bat.


The idea of using someone else's baby to stimulate your nipples in order to induce labor just creeps me out. That being said, nipple stimulation is not the best way to induce labor naturally--it often results in very intense, painful contractions. A better alternative if you're looking for ways to induce labor is acupressure, which is safe and effective and can also help in reducing some of the pain during the actual labor.

Leah Amateur

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